Finally, a CRM with no strings attached.

With the RealNex CORE CRM, work the way you want to work – wherever you are. Whether you're in the office or on the road, RealNex CORE keeps you connected with your data.

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Now Available for iOS and Android:

Mobile information means better data collected in less time.

Thorough documentation of people, projects and properties can be tedious and time-consuming. But modern brokers rely on the data they collect and organize in their CRM for prospecting, deal management, and marketing. The RealNex CORE app makes this documentation quick and straightforward. The voice to text feature allows you to dictate notes and subjects. Forget about time-consuming data entry – the mobile CORE app creates your data now.

Outlook and Gmail sync help you track activities while on the move.

Simply link an existing Outlook or Gmail account with RealNex CORE and access all contacts and your calendar from the CORE app. This sync feature allows you to maintain information seamlessly across all devices while maintaining a history of activity.

Your phone knows where you are,now your CRM does too.

Auto address uses geo-coding to supply the address of your current location. The CORE app also features ‘autocomplete’ – simply begin typing an address and a Google Places API helps fill in the remaining information.

Build and maintain a database of properties.

Adding properties while on the road is as easy as snapping a quick property picture with your phone and letting Auto Address fill in your current location. Or, search for available properties in the ‘Listing Search’ tab and bring records directly into your property library.

Add contacts on the spot.

At a tradeshow or meeting? Take a photo in-person and add new contacts right away.

Walk into a meeting with everything you need.

Peruse a client’s property holdings or leases on your phone within seconds. Filter by name, company, city or contact type to locate records quickly.

Keep your deals up-to-date and organized.

While in a meeting, add a note, calendar event, or even a quick audio file recorded on your phone. All histories, links and files attach to contacts, projects, companies, and properties and spaces.

Be the most knowledgeable broker at the table.

When meeting with a client, search listings immediately with the CORE app listing search feature.

Fill your Deal Rooms.

Speaking with an interested client? Set them up as participant in your Deal Room as you discuss particulars.

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