Join the tens of thousands of CRE professionals who list and search our extensive database of properties.

Add your listings to those of over 100,000 subscribers in our database, or search our national database of available For Sale and For Lease properties. Ensure prospective clients have all the information they need by attaching PDF's, photos, aerials, floorplans, and Word documents to your listing.

Search Smarter.

Set your search criteria and let us do the rest. As new offerings are published that meet your specifications, you will receive a notification with a link to full listing details.

Track and close your deals with our dedicated, online deal rooms.

Create a secure, virtual Deal Room to manage your transaction documents online. The Deal Room tracks who has logged in and who has downloaded documents — giving you vital information on the most promising leads.

Value-Added Services

Drive traffic to your listings and Deal Rooms with our RealNex campaign manager.

Make sure all of your prospects are up-to-date on your offerings through our Buzz Target campaign manager. Produce your single or multiple property flyer and email it to your private list of prospects and our proprietary database straight from the RealNex MarketPlace. Monitor all activity through our statistical analysis tool.

Push your listings to thousands of professionals with our customized email blasts.

Our eMarket offerings include single and multi-property digital brochures populated with the pictures and data from your current listings. Email these professionally designed brochures to the inboxes of over 100,000 commercial real estate professionals in our network.

Turn your properties into mind-blowing, immersive, 3D environments that can be experienced from anywhere.

Our digital 3D modeling capabilities revolutionize the way owners, investors and tenants can tour spaces. Using leading-edge technology, our designers can produce a fully immersive, 3D experience of any existing or to-be-built space, floor, building, or neighborhood. These models can be delivered in a variety of ways, including online. Imbedded video chat allows you to tour the space live with clients around the world.

Promote your company brand and vision with a custom website that engages clients.

Let our team of web specialists create a dynamic site that best fits your company’s brand and vision. Choose between standard, premium or deluxe options and let your content meet up with award-winning graphic designers.

Quickly identify areas that will best fit your clients.

RealNex AREAS (Area Research, Economics, Analytics and Sites) is an enhanced mapping feature that displays visual demographic and business data to better showcase your properties and support faster decision-making. AREAS features include demographic information, map overlays, heatmaps, current traffic, travel time, and public transit routes. Embed AREAS in your personal company website to gain more exposure and drive more traffic.

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