Integration With Other RealNex Products.
RealNex is building an integrated platform so PowerBroker will seamlessly work with our other industry-leading software to create a holistic real estate solution including the ability to integrate the Deal Room with and launch analysis from CRM. Our online software is considered the most advanced analysis tool in the market today.

Financial Analysis
Credibility is built upon accurate financial information. PowerBroker offers up to 20 years of financial projections for investment analysis than can be transformed into impressive property presentations with a single click.

Lease Analysis
Analyze and create comprehensive lease presentations for tenant representation and owner representation via our MarketEdge® Online Publisher. Create financial websites with a click of a button.

Create a winning proposal in minutes and easily convert it into a mailer, brochure, website, and complete offering memorandum. Save hours on each listing package you need to put together by taking advantage of our marketing solutions.

Deal Room
Create a virtual deal room with a single click to quickly and easily manage your transaction documents securely online for a more organized and efficient transaction experience for all participants.

Financial Analysis for
Commercial Real Estate

  • The Financial Analysis offers a variety of features that will assist you to quickly create detailed professional 20 year cash flow projections, DCF analysis and ROI.
  • Using our speed analysis tool, quickly enter high level assumptions for revenue and expenses to create analysis and proposals in just minutes.
  • Easily create custom proposal/offering memorandums.
  • With the click of a button, publish each property to a custom website that automatically updates when you make changes to the property in RealNex.
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Lease Analysis for
Commercial Real Estate

  • Easily create comprehensive lease presentations and flyers.
  • With our customized property websites, share your proposals online with fly by tours, street views and interactive comparisons.
  • Analyze and compare multiple comprehensive lease proposals.
  • Create presentations for owner and tenant representation. Include tenant improvements, credit allocations, expense cash flows and pass throughs.

Deal Room & Marketing for Commercial Real Estate

RealNex PowerBroker offers commercial real estate professions a complete one-stop Propose to Close™ solution.

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  • Cloud based software platform gives you maximum flexibility and CRM integration.
  • Create the most impressive presentations in a fraction of the time required when using with Excel, Word or Publisher. Spend your time with your clients, not with your software.
  • Organize, distribute and track all documents within our secure online Deal Rooms. With our easy-to-use platform, provide your clients a secure document vault in minutes.
  • Instantly create analysis presentations, websites and secure virtual Deal Rooms all with the click of a button.
  • Reach maximum exposure with a complete online presence: property websites, property teasers, listings, e-publications, Google fly bys, 360 panoramic presentations and more. All trackable and reportable.

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PowerBroker by REI Wise

$45.00 / month
Number of users:  
  • Fully branded professional offering memorandums, listing proposals and flyers
  • Integrated with powerful financial analysis for investment and lease presentations
  • One click for property websites, electronic publications and online property teasers
  • Secure Virtual Deal Rooms for every property to get new leads and track client interest

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