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Investment analyses made simple and productive.

Produce 20-year cash flow projections, DCF analysis, and ROI. Import Rent-Rolls and comps to model assumptions for highly detailed and precise analyses or take high level assumptions and run Speed Analysis to get started. Leverage our presentations to set seller pricing and maximize bids.

Exceptional Marketing
presentations with
minimal effort.

Use our drag-and-drop editor to choose from over 60 different modules to create your proposals or offering memoranda. Rapidly produce elegant brochures and swiftly turn your data into authoritative BOVs. Our automated document generation process focuses brokers, tenants, owners and investors on real data that leads to profitable transactions. And, all the materials can be customized to match your brand standards.

marketing that wins

Curate a professional collection of marketing materials and impress your clients. With more than 30 designs in the box that adopt your colors and logo, a design editor to create custom pages, business maps and integrated financial reports, we provide everything you need to swiftly create amazing flyers, proposals and a host of collateral marketing material.

Need More? Let our expert designers create custom formats to meet your exact brand standard.

Manage the sale in
our private and
secure Virtual Deal Room.

Post all your documents in the Deal Room, set the security level and open the sale process. Invite groups from your CRM or simply drive traffic to register. Secure an NDA for access and then manage who sees what. You will get full visibility into all log-ins, views and downloads to know how best to accelerate the closing process.

Adam P. Von Romer, CCIM

I have been using RealNex and its predecessor for at least 20 years. I have spent considerable time, effort, and energy looking at other solutions. Nobody, that I am aware of offers a fully integrated suite of productivity tools like RealNex does. RealNex is truly the "propose to close" solution...I use the investment analysis tool daily...I produce proposals, brochures, and flyers directly from RealNex and use the marketing syndications all the time. I know that I have personally won several listings using the superior Brokers Opinion of Value section...listings worth tens of thousands of commission dollars to me! Anything else is half a solution!

Adam P. Von Romer, CCIM | Commercial Sales Manager, C21 Commercial KoRes