Transaction Manager

The modern approach
to leasing.

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Now Available for iOS and Android:

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Engage your clients
to strengthen
relationships and
streamline workflow.

The leasing management and tour book app
gives brokers the ability to share listings,
maps, photos and leasing documents with
clients through their mobile devices. Tenants
can view the tour book, rate spaces, add their
own photos and notes, and make inquiries.
Owners can easily monitor activity and status
of deals.

And, you can do it all remotely, online in a
highly collaborative and interactive

Re-Imagining the
Leasing Process

From Initial Inquiry through closing your
pipeline is managed, your process is
streamlined, and your client is kept up to date.

Automate the delivery of available space
information to prospective tenants
and tenant reps. Then manage tours, rfps, bids, LOIs and negotiations. Control documents in our
Deal Vault and monitor financial proposals against budget.

Build and share our 3D models to facilitate tours
and leverage our Test-Fits to bring deals to the
finish line faster than ever.

Tours Made Simple,
Virtual and

Our Online Tour Book and companion mobile
app, make property tours more efficient than
ever. Select the properties from your portfolio
and post the relevant, photos, floorplans,
collateral and details. Even before you go into
the market, your client can enter a portal to evaluate the options. Eliminate the misses and capture ratings on the most desired.

Focus in on just the preferred locations and let
us streamline the proposal, negotiation and
evaluation process. You can even tap into our
3D modeling to create Virtual Tours and Test