A data driven solution
to supercharge
your business.

Why spend 90% of your time looking for new business?

When you have comprehensive market data you can spot trends, isolate opportunities, win business and better serve your clients.

  • With RealNex NavigatorPRO™, you will have access to RX Data, the most complete information.
    • Land and Building details.
    • Ownership.
    • Loan Profiles complete with lender, rate, amount and maturity.
    • Transaction History, the last two sales with buyer, seller and price.
    • Tenant Rosters, all known companies at the property address.
  • We even consolidate all the information under common ownership, so you see the entire portfolio of the most active players.

Spend your time efficiently on the highest probability opportunities.

  • RealNex NavigatorPRO™ is honed with industry Best Practices and Predictive Analytics to present leads and focus your attention.
  • Pre-built filters and views enable you to easily identify the best prospects.
  • Critical data is summarized and tables have been configured to rank and rate opportunities.
  • Mine data and historical actions to predict the most likely active sellers, buyers, lenders and tenants.

Consolidated cycle times, means faster closings, better results.

  • Streamline your workflow with our end-to-end solution.
  • With the core foundation of information pre-populated, you can readily enhance and refine with your own proprietary information making your data uniquely yours.
  • Your complete system is fully actionable from prospecting and business development, analysis and underwriting to presentation and marketing.
  • By focusing on the best opportunities and efficiently executing, you will close more deals in less time.

Instant time to value, unlimited potential.

  • RealNex NavigatorPRO™ comes with everything you need to supercharge your business right out of the box.
    • A robust CRM, a powerful analysis engine, an amazing presentation solution and a most efficient marketing suite combined with the most comprehensive data.
  • All our data is yours to use as much as you’d like.
    • No daily or monthly limits!
  • And, our value remains the best in the business, the most robust software solution and the most comprehensive data all at the most affordable price.
Mark Kingston

As part of our research algorithm we have been able to identify the most likely active sellers, buyers and tenants in the market. This is extremely valuable information saving our clients vast amounts of time and money. By combining this data with our targeted marketing capabilities, clients are able to list and sell more efficiently than ever.

Mark Kingston | Executive Chairman