Experience the Power
of our “Automagic”RealNex VideoMaker,
powered by Storyvine.

RealNex VideoMaker,
powered by Storyvine,
puts the power of
video in your hands.

You are guided to easily create a fully edited, professional-looking video in minutes!

Our videos are similar to how a professional produces videos. Our VideoGuides templates do just what their name implies-they Guide users through the filming process by asking one question at a time.

What Storyvine is.

Storyvine is a Guided Video Platform that allows our clients to film polished videos from smart phones. From servicing hundreds of clients, they uncovered the "Meta-Stories" that each organization needs and can now automate turning those stories into video.

Storyvine is a technology platform whose clients include multi-nationals (IBM, Pfizer, Prologis, etc.), advocacy groups and non-profits, among others.

The Storyvine App
& VideoGuide Template

  • The StoryMakers will download the Storyvine iOS or Android app.
  • Select their VideoGuide templates.
  • Follow a series of step-by-step, prompted questions.
  • They record their answers one after the other. If they mess up, it's just like a voicemail machine, they just redo it until they're comfortable with it.
  • Then, they hit one button to upload the video when it's done. It's that simple!

Automagic Editing
& Video Management.

Sitting up in the cloud is an empty “shell” of a video storyboard, waiting for StoryMakers to record their clips using the VideoGuide templates. Once the app uploads their clips, they are edited together with creative elements, and within a few minutes, a fully-edited video is produced.

Videos are stored and managed from our secure, Web-based management system. You manage who has access to VideoGuides templates, can do things like fix typos, approve which videos get shared, downloaded, or even published to YouTube channel.

Douglas A. McCullough

We make video storytelling “Automagic”!

The elephant in the room is, How are you going to do it?! Video is hard. Where are you supposed to start? Who does the filming? Who does the editing? Who has the money or the time?

Kyle Shannon | CEO & Co-Founder of StoryVine