RealNex VR:
Virtual Reality for
accelerated property marketing.

Take your property
marketing to the
next level.

RealNex VR visually communicates your property vision and value through highly immersive and interactive 3D environments. We allow prospective clients to experience and customize the virtual property as though they were really there, even if it hasn't been built. And, our models become enduring assets for managing properties over time.

Invite remote clients to a virtual tour.

RealNex VR models are exceptionally detailed, immersive environments built on leading-edge gaming technology. Visiting a property virtualized by RealNex VR is like being in two places at once. Work intelligently and efficiently with remote clients – present highly detailed, realistic 3D replicas of your commercial real estate space. Allow real estate buyers to tour and fully explore the potential of a property in interactive 3D before it exists.

Real fast, real
powerful test fits.

Help clients envision themselves in your space with an interactive, 3D model of your property. Using your 2D or 3D cad files, our designers can produce a 3D replica of any space, floor, or entire building. Inside RealFit you can move walls, doors, or windows and arrange office furniture – a process that culminates in a 3D walk-through to ensure that spaces and layouts are optimally managed. All modifications and associated costs are recorded and reported in an excel spreadsheet to assure the budget works as well.

RealFit shortens
leasing cycles.

RealFit reinvents and expedites the design and revision process typical to leasing cycles by placing interactive 2D and 3D layout tools in the hands of owners, property managers, leasing agents and potential tenants. By delivering these flexible design tools, detailed iterations are fast and easy heightening client engagement and enabling superior decision-making.

David Klein

The ability to visualize how each space was going to look and the level of realism and immersion provided by the VR experience using the Head Mounted Display (HMD) has been so effective, it has greatly reduced our leasing cycle and increased the conversion rate from leads to tenants, even prior to project completion.

David Klein | Director, Asset Management & Development, Investment Property Advisors