Compelling Virtual Reality for Accelerated Property Marketing

Showcase engaging, immersive property models from the comfort of your own computer.

RealNex VR models are exceptionally detailed, immersive environments built on leading-edge gaming technology. Visiting a property virtualized by RealNex VR is like being in two places at once.

  • Work intelligently and efficiently with remote clients – present highly detailed, realistic 3D replicas of your commercial real estate space.
  • Allow real estate buyers to tour and fully explore the potential of a property in interactive 3D before it exists.
  • Show clients options and details that are fully visualized.
  • Convey the emotion of property ownership alongside essential data such as energy usage, property zoning requirements, HVAC locations, plumbing, wiring and other utility information.

Watch how RealNex VR works…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, our immersive worlds are worth a thousand pictures!

RealNex VR Video

RealNex VR Introduction

RealNex VR Demo Reel

Past Projects

Please note, all images and videos below are taken from Realtime-3D virtual tours provided by the Pix platform.
These are not photographs or camera based videos.

American Tobacco Campus/Old Bull

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